When I wrote my Sunday blog about Holly Willoughby on 17th November last year, I never imagined for a moment that four months later I’d be sitting with her (and Philip the silver fox) on the This Morning sofa. But, call me psychic, I did predict that she’d soon be ‘blooming’. For those of you who don’t follow celebrity news, Holly announced last week that she’s pregnant with baby number 3. And for those of you who don’t watch This Morning, I went on the show this week to talk about my book.

Afterwards someone tweeted how hard it must have been for me to be interviewed by Holly knowing her news. Like me, that person, has probably experienced how crippling other people’s baby announcements can be. The familiar crumpling in your chest when another friend tells you that they’re pregnant. The sense of injustice that everyone else seems to find it so easy.

But although it was hard, I also want to say that Holly was lovely. She really was. I was there to chat about my so called ‘IVF addiction’: the hit of hope I can’t give up that has caused nothing but debt and disappointment. But before the cameras rolled she leaned across and said to me: ‘I’d do what you’ve done if I couldn’t have a baby. I really would’. And in that moment a mother and a non-mother were united in how important the pursuit of motherhood could be.

So this week’s question is a conundrum. Why is it so important? Is that the way it has to be?