For those of you who might not have read my last blog, perhaps the title of this one needs some explaining. So, if it does, for speed (mine not yours) you can read this.

I truly hope this will be my last ‘begging blog’ for a long while. Besides, two weeks today, when my next blog is due, I’ll have just landed in Kathmandu and I suspect the sensory overload of that will overide all thoughts of fundraising.

But I’m not there yet and this week, your blogger still needs you. The crowd-funding campaign for my second book, 21 Miles, is now at over 70% and has nearly 200 backers. But 70% is not 100% and 200 isn’t the 250 I need. So if you’re at all interested in reading it, I would love you to buy it (and thank you to everyone who already did).

I don’t think I mentioned before that not only will you get a beautiful book for your bookshelves (which hopefully contains a good story), you’ll also be listed in the back as one of the amazing people who made it happen. A symbol of solidarity for independent publishing in a world driven by genre fiction and the latest celebrity vehicle. Haven’t you written the new ‘Girl on the Train’? No. I’ve written about a girl in the sea and 21 other girls who met and ate with me to talk about life fulfilment and the meaning of motherhood.

I hope this is enough to tempt you. I’ll be indebted if you could click this link and pledge because your blogger needs you. Still.

Oh, and Kathmandu? I’m going to climb another mountain – not quite as big as Aconcagua in Argentina which I climbed in January – but this one requires a harness, ropes and carabanas, that sort of terrifying technical thing. It’s the next step in my quest to something bigger…

But I can’t think about that at the moment. Before I leave I have a major report to finish and file on theatre provision in Essex (!). I have over 100 artists and fertility experts to programme for Fertility Fest next year– which has just been confirmed for w/c 7 May at the Bush Theatre in London with the main festival activity happening over the weekend of Friday 11th to Sunday 13th May (a date for your diary, it’s going to be special). And I have to finalise and deliver the manuscript of my book 21 Miles to my publishers. Before that I have to complete the crowd-funding campaign. In fact there’s no point in the manuscript if I don’t complete the crowd-funding campaign. So Kathmandu and carabanas are not on my radar at the moment. But in two weeks time they will be.

Life would have been much easier, I reckon, if I’d been able to have a baby.

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