Marathon Finisher

London Marathon. Tick.

We won’t say too much about my time – except to let the Kenyans know they have nothing to fear! OK, 5 hours 27 minutes for those of you who care about these things. Longer than I had hoped but I made it through to the finishing line and it was the most amazing day.

The second half in particular was tough but I ran every step of the way with all your messages of good luck in my heart. I have been overwhelmed by how much love and generosity I’ve received and have now raised over £5,200 including gift aid for Fertility Network UK which brings my total fundraising from this and the English Channel to just shy of £30,000. Thank you all so much for your support.

And can I just tell you this.

When I went to the London Marathon Expo on Friday to pick up my race number, I asked one of the stewards to take a photo of me. She asked me what charity I was running for. I told her. She then confided in me her best friend was going through fertility problems and how awful it was. Then, on Sunday, when I was at the starting line, I was chatting to the woman next to me. She asked me what charity I was running for. I told her. She then confided in me that she and her husband had been through fertility problems before having their two children and how awful it had been. And on route, two different runners came over and thanked me for what I was running for. They didn’t say why but maybe it had been awful for them too. This is what I will remember most about my London Marathon: how when you’re prepared to speak out and to run for what you know is important in the world, however much of a taboo subject it is, people will have the courage to say ‘me too’ and that’s how change will happen.

If the London Marathon is on your bucket list: do it. If I can, you can. Do it for whatever you think is important in the world and make change happen. The atmosphere is incredible and you’ll remember the day for the rest of your life.

All my love and thanks,