I have a dream – don’t groan, it’s true.

Of a space where people come to tackle a great taboo.

A space for people trying to conceive

And for those who’ve tried and now moved on

To a life without children or, for the lucky ones, a daughter or a son.

And I want other people to come as well:

Doctors trying to make hopes come true.

And academics studying the effects of what these doctors do.

I know this is a strange space, maybe frightening and more

I know many people might feel they can’t walk through the door.

It’s called Fertility Fest.

It’s in Birmingham in May

And London in June

Nearly fifty artists and fertility experts all together in one room.

I have a dream – don’t groan, it’s true.

To find a way to challenge a last great taboo.

Whoever you are, however difficult the subject is,

This festival is FOR YOU.




May Day 2016 – a day of springtime celebration when a blog can be a poem for recitation!