This week has been a question. A pleasantly strange one but a question nonetheless. When people ask me, what will I say I do?

Last week I left my job at the Lyric Hammersmith: the best theatre in the world. It wasn’t just a job. For fourteen years it was my life. Last week I left my life.

New beginnings are always difficult, even the ones you’ve chosen. You have to create a new identity and it’s hard when you’re no longer sure what to say you do. I’m not going to run another theatre that would feel like having an affair. I do know I want to write more but in the world of writing I’m not even nearly there.

But this week it’s been a joy not to have to shut my laptop mid sentence to jump in the shower because I’m running late again. And to sit in park cafes on an autumnal weekday morning looking at the leaves. I’ve been to yoga (twice) and EVEN had a swim. And new adventures, post Channel Challenge, are starting to formulate within.

So back to that pleasantly strange question. Who am I now? What is it that I do? For now it will have to remain a question. But a new life starts here. That’s true.