I’ve been beyond busy this week. So much so I almost forgot I had to write this. I’ve been in the water for nine hours (not including showers); have spent the weekend at a marathon of theatre (seven shows in two days – just finished the last one now). And in every spare moment I’ve been transcribing an interview with a woman who you’re going to meet in my new book. I promise you’ll be glad you have, she’s amazing.

Alongside this there’s been all the usual stuff – work, washing, worrying etc. Actually there hasn’t been enough washing this week (the laundry basket is overflowing and I’ve only got one pair of clean knickers left). With all this going on I nearly forgot that tonight is blog night and at this late hour I can’t think of anything scintillating to say. So will you forgive me for writing a blog out of office – let’s just say the pursuit of motherhood’s on holiday. She certainly needs one. Somewhere where the water’s warm and the weather’s sunny.