I’ve been having an existential blog crisis. At around about this time last year I made a resolution. I set myself the challenge of writing a blog every Sunday night and, this week, Ms WordPress emailed to say I’d done exactly that. But when do last year’s resolutions end? Am I to continue to post every Sunday for the rest of my life? If not, when do I stop? According to many social media gurus the blog is dead. Even Snapchat is so last year. I also worry that I might be boring you as much as I sometimes bore myself.

So after much deliberation, I’ve decided I am going to continue but, this year, I will be blogging every other Sunday instead. There will be some more of what came before but today’s blog also officially marks the start of a new beginning in my thinking and writing about the pursuit of motherhood. That’s because I’ve also got three new resolutions for 2015 – to swim the English Channel in order to raise money for families without the children they long for and children without the families they deserve; to enlist some inspirational famous women to support my swim and help me decide what to do next in my pursuit of happiness which might be motherhood or maybe not; and to write a new book about it all. A book which asks the two questions that I believe all women have to face. Is motherhood worth pursuing? Does it make you happy?

I hope some of you will join me on the journey. See you in two weeks time.