Last week I got an email telling me it was my one year Twitterversary. It’s also a year since I joined Facebook (they didn’t send a card) and when I press ‘publish’ on this blog today a little message will come up saying: ‘You’ve just posted your 52nd blog’ – one every Sunday for the whole of last year. It’s good being 1. Well, it beats being 43. I’m still a social media baby but I’m just starting to crawl and who knows what will happen when I begin to walk and talk.

Until I started publicising my book, I didn’t do social media. I occasionally stalked fertility sites but I never interacted or revealed my identity. And now look at me. I’m a total convert – although in wistful moments I do feel sad that the days of publishing the letters of historical figures are probably gone. A book of their tweets, facebook posts and emails will never be quite as romantic.

In other birthday news, next week is the second ever National Fertility Awareness Week. Technically I should probably say that it’s changed its name by swapping the word ‘Infertility’ for ‘Fertility’ so, in fact, it’s really only one. The week culminates with the Fertility Show at Olympia on 1st and 2nd November (now celebrating it’s sixth birthday) where I’m going to be speaking for the first time.

Isn’t it funny how birthdays, anniversaries and special weeks are important to us as human beings. We need these markers to signal where we’ve come from and remind us where we want to go. But the real business of living and raising awareness of fertility (and infertility), motherhood (and non motherhood) happens everyday. And one year on, for now at least, I’m going to keep on doing it.

(She presses publish.)