ITRAGTFWATW?! (NB. this acronym is all my own)

Facebook and Apple are offering to pay for female employees to freeze their eggs. In a move to combat societal panic around the dangers of leaving motherhood too late and the poor success rates of IVF amongst those in their thirties and forties, it’s being billed as a chance for women to put their twenty year old eggs on ice and keep on working.

Whether this represents a generous gesture towards equality in the workplace or a Machiavellian move towards social engineering is a moot point as far as I’m concerned. The more important question is: WILL IT BLOODY WORK?

To date, there just hasn’t been enough of it done to know, and most of what has been done hasn’t been successful. Moreover, nobody really has any idea about the health risks. Just read this article by the author and journalist Miriam Zoll who is passionate about raising awareness on the subject.

So, ok, I realise my new acronym may never catch on but we’ve got to ask the question in case this egg freezing perk does. Is This Really A Good Thing For Women And The World?! ITRAGTFWATW?!