So, go on admit it, have you bought any new stationary yet? There’s nothing like a trip to Ryman to put you in the mood for autumn. Tomorrow it’s back to school for many and for those of us who don’t have kids it’s back to the months that end in ‘ber’. Or should I swap that vowel for a consonant and say it’s back to brr?

Having said that, here in the UK the weather’s been turning autumnal for at least two weeks now. It seems churlish to complain when we’ve had such a lovely summer but that’s the sort of thing we British like to do. Summer in May still feels weird and autumn in August just shouldn’t be allowed. Frustratingly, it has also meant that my Channel Challenge (the one I mentioned in my a blog a couple of weeks ago) has suffered a set back. Last week I set off for France as part of a relay swim (in training for doing the whole crossing solo next year) but half way there we were fished out of the water due to treacherous conditions. I won’t say too much more because, who knows, there could be a book in it (?!). But suffice to say, I wasn’t eaten by a jellyfish but I was nearly swallowed by a wave.

But, never fear, I don’t give up that easily. This girl’s not for turning. She’s the one who has had eleven rounds of IVF in her pursuit of motherhood remember. So next week it’s back to (swimming) school for me in preparation for the main event next year!