I think I must have a great face for radio (!?) because following my interview on baby envy for the World Service I’ve been invited on again. On Friday at 11am, I’m going to be in a documentary on BBC Radio 4 called A Family Without A Child presented by the award-winning journalist Sangita Myska. It also features the inspirational founder of Gateway Women, Jody Day, and the author Paula Coston. If you’re interested, please tune in.

If you do listen, you will hear something I’ve not mentioned here before which is that I’ve been swimming. And I’m not talking a few laps of the local pool. Part of the documentary was recorded at the Serpentine in London’s Hyde Park where I’ve been spending rather a long time with the ducks. I’ve also been going to Dover and swimming in the sea.

It’s because I’ve been on a secret mission – call it childhood dream, midlife crisis or what you will – which is to swim the English Channel. The week after next I’m doing a relay (me and two others will swim one hour each in succession until we get to France). It’s training for next summer when I hope to do the whole thing solo. I guess it’s the kind of thing a girl like me does when she can’t have a baby. I don’t necessarily recommend it…