To fur, or not to fur: that is the question.

In the absence of a baby, I’ve been wondering whether it might be time to get a pet. On balance, I think I’m a cat person. But I love dogs too. In fact, anything with a tail is good with me (well, apart from rats).

It’s kind of ironic that the main reason we haven’t got one before is because of the commitment. Quite how we’re going to manage a baby if we can’t cope with a cat does worry me. I blame it on the limbo of long-term-trying-to-conceive. I can’t settle, constantly waiting for the future to arrive so we can make proper plans.

A couple of months ago, I started doing a regular feature on my website called the ‘Fertility Proust Questionnaire’ (inspired by the Vanity Fair questionnaire of the same name but with a fertility twist). Each month I interview a different woman who is trying to conceive. For July, it’s the author of the beautiful blog Today I Hope. I asked her the question ‘What do you think about fur babies?’ and she said she’d recently got a kitten and the experience of her coming up for a cuddle is such a blessing. (It’s a really great interview – to read it in full click here).

It reminded me of a conversation I recently had with a friend who is childless by choice but has two rescue cats and a dog. She told me that just stroking her cats has the capacity to turn a bad day at work around. And she said that what’s wonderful about dogs is, unlike babies (or indeed partners!), their love is unconditional. That’s it. Show me the way to the RSPCA.

To fur, or not to fur: that is my question…