This week I did something I may live to regret. I agreed to do a feature in Femail. I can read the headline now. JESSICA HEPBURN: ADDICTED TO IVF. I can also read the online comments: ‘Desperate’; ‘Deluded’; ‘Why doesn’t she just adopt?’. Whatever I do, I mustn’t read the comments.

Part of me doesn’t know why I’ve done it. I want my book to be a sensational read not a sensational story. But the Daily Mail Online is my guilty pleasure. I read it every night to unwind. And yes, I have heard the news about Kimberley…in fact congratulations to all the Girls Aloud on their 2014 baby news. Two down, three to go!

My partner says I’m in danger of becoming a publicity monster. He’s even gone as far as drawing comparisons with the tabloid devil incarnate ‘Katie Price’. Frankly, I should be so lucky – she seems to be pretty good at making babies as well as selling books. No, I definitely don’t think there’s any danger of me giving Katie a run for her money.

And now that I’m ‘out’ about my infertility, I want to find as many ways possible to connect with women going through the same thing. Partly out of solidarity and partly because I want them to know that even if there isn’t a happy baby ending, I think it’s going to be ok. Sometimes there are even reasons to be thankful for my infertility – on Friday, for example, the Mail paid for me to have my hair and makeup done for my Femail photoshoot. It made me feel like a Hollywood star. Maybe Jordan has nothing to worry about but watch out Katharine Hepburn – who by the way never had any children – I’m on your tail!

So this week’s question is: can you find a reason to be thankful for the things in life you find the hardest?