Here’s a promise. This is the final blog in which I’m going to mention my book launch which took place at Waterstones Covent Garden on Tuesday night. The last thing I want to do is become a book launch bore. But, truly, it was a great night for infertility. In fact, if I wasn’t already an infertile woman, I might actually want to be one!

Towards the end of the Q&A, Janet Ellis who chaired the event brilliantly asked me to describe the chapter in which I attend an intensive therapeutic course called the Hoffman Process. One of the first things you have to do on this course is give up your real identity and take on a new name. I will never forget my intense embarrassment when one of the staff – having read my pre-course questionnaire – suggested that my name should be ‘Inadequate’, nor the terror I felt at having to stand up in front of my fellow participants and announce this. But at the time there was probably no better word to sum up my feeling of failure at not being able to become a mother – so ‘Inadequate’ I became.  The fact that I could now recount this story confidently in front of an audience of over 60 people is the best possible example of how far I have come.

Later that evening someone I’ve known for a long time but never really known (if you know what I mean) came up to me and said: ‘Jessica, if I did the Hoffman Process my name would be ‘Inarticulate’’. It was a profound moment of connection between two acquainted strangers. And this week, what that moment and my book launch has taught me above all else is that when we speak aloud our darkest demons they can become our finest friends. Try it.

So this week’s question: can you speak aloud your Hoffman name?