I hate miracle baby stories. Well, if you were me, you would. After nearly a decade of fertility treatment: miscarriage, biochemical and ectopic pregnancies, surely I deserve a miracle? Yet, as time goes on, I’m getting increasingly convinced it’s never going to happen.

As Jody Day pointed out in her brilliant article on childlessness in the Guardian this week, ‪http://gu.com/p/3y37k/tw December is the month of the ultimate miracle baby story. I’d love to know how Mary managed it. I’ve been having sex for over twenty years and she got pregnant without having any at all. That’s just not fair. I’d like to sit down with her over a cup of peppermint tea and discuss it. Actually, she probably never even gave up coffee, I bet she was a three- shot cappuccino kind of girl.

I’m not asking the press to give up their miracle baby stories – that would be pointless and very un-Christmassy. I can imagine how wonderful it must feel if you are blessed with one of them. But for some of us miracles are maybe just that – miracles. (Dictionary definition: an extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers.) And some women, me included, could be only human.

So this week’s question – Miracle baby stories: immaculate conception or immaculate deception?